The name's Katy and I like to do things.

I love sparklers, Jesus, trees, Mcdouble mini meals, people who aren't afraid of being dramatically themselves, wit and boy bands.

Some of my oh-so-glamorous love languages are laser tag, sheep in fields and pillow talk, especially the 2am raw personality kind. 

I (almost) always have a birthday candle and shot of vodka on me because life is a celebration, a rough, rowdy one.

I started a blog, again, because:

  • I want to re-learn to love writing without fear of saying the wrong thing or offending someone in the process. 
  • To get out of my comfort zone and come to terms with sounding stupid or foolish. 
  • To remember. 

I'm a mad mess of obsessions.
You might be my next one.

That might sound creepy, but I am. In a good way, like Taylor Swift or Big Foot.

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