Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In the beginning...

There was a feisty, reckless rascal named Katelyn Ruth.
She was all trouble and mischief once she learned with legs you could walk. Or run. Or snoop.

Now, I want to be more like that kid who was unapologetically herself because she didn't know any better, who had a plethora of childhood stories of adventures and mistakes because she had no comprehension of risk or fear. She just did. Stubborn, relentless and determined.

I believe my life is one small story that is part of a bigger-than-I-will-ever-comprehend-saga of grace and redemption. I struggle through life on the daily and have no idea what I'm doing right now, or ever. But I am confident that my life is not about me and in everything there is purpose.

I think we should celebrate people in our sameness and our differences. We are all marvelous humans that just happen to be on Earth at this time in history. I am more obsessed than most with unicorns and donuts. Yes, I fully believe unicorns once roamed the Earth.

I love flags, white trash parties, thinking up themes in general, competitive bouquet catching, college sports, Amanda Bynes, ALL the books, champagne and a leisurely brunch. Brunch is just so hip right now.

I enjoy witty conversation and people that are themselves with outrageous, reckless abandon. I love stories in any form but especially film. I would turn down for a lot of things, but outdoor hikes or strolls or wanderings are not one of them. I'm a constant conundrum of contradictions.

And this is WAY more information than you ever wanted to know about me, hellllooo over share generation. Thanks Lena Dunham.

So, join me in the battle of living because we all love the moments when we can say, "You too? I thought that was just me who felt that way/does that weird thing/is obsessed with that!"

Cheers ya'll.

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  1. Again, YES. This makes me so excited/happy/joyful/want to start a blog/and hug you.