Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fresh n' Clean.

I didn't originally start this post as a NYE post but it took me over a month to finally post it, of course, I'll make it work.
I love new. New beginnings, new friends, new shoes, new places...
(Side note: How weird is the word new, I mean, look at it, it looks like the sound a cow makes when you chase it or maybe a new born child?)

Everyone feels the wonder and endless possibilities that come with fresh starts. It's why people love New Years, second chances and redemption stories. Starting points are pure, we haven't foiled them up yet.

But THE THING IS, new can't be fresh for long. And I kinda like the dirty and messy. If you are someone who has always kept every single goal or New Years resolution you have ever made, you are an inspiration, should probably run a country and have the willpower of a 90's kid who never got into the Beanie Baby fad.
The truth is after these beginnings old mistakes will continue to be made and new ones have no problem waltzing on in. Bad habits may continue and feelings of shame and guilt have the ability to cling and eventually exhaust you. Do not let them. (Is this one of those easier said than done things? Yes.) We are human, we are dirty, we are messy. Hear us roar.

Whether you make New Year's resolutions or not, let our "mess-ups" becoming launching points to keep pushing forward, to grow, to change. I like scars and wounds that come with time, the stories they tell are way more relatable than a clean slate. It's all part of the mess of life.

And here's me with a new blog. A fresh start.
One that I have already made mistakes on, like, oh, I don't know, forgetting about it, never posting anything. Atta kid. Only up from here.
Cheers to somewhere for my thoughts. And dirt. Or dirt(y) thoughts.

“Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” 
- My GURL the ever-wise ginger who is Anne of Green Gables

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