Friday, January 2, 2015

MIDNIGHT MAKE-OUT; A blog post or a great nail polish color?

New Year's Eve is a night full of expectations and celebrations. A massive amount of pressure is set on this single evening every year.
If December 31 was a person, her name would be Susan, Suzie for short. Suzie with a 'z' because she knows how to have a good time but can also flitter right into the fanciest of soiree's. She is a stressed out, love crazed fool who farts fireworks. Suzie is exhaustingly anxious, can not laugh without crying or cry without laughing. She is always tipsy on the verge of being blacked out, yet still optimistically hopeful. Suzie says things like "the best is yet to come" right after your cat dies and "I never go to bed before I have a dance party where no one is watching." If anyone else said these things you would punch them in the face but when Suzie says it you make it your Instagram photo caption.
I am absolutely obsessed with that fool. 

There is one thing about a constantly evolving Suzie that never changes-- she always gets a midnight kiss from a stranger. Some she remembers, some she doesn't. Her boyfriend, of the moment, never minds because he knows its just Suzie, "being Suz" and that's why he fell in love with her. In fact he was once one of those strangers.
All this to say I hope ya'll had a magical NYE, full of the outrageous or the mundane. (Heck, I rang in one NYE with a Michael Jordan cardboard cut-out on my couch. We watched Game of Thrones, drank champagne and read Lord of the Rings.) If you had a night filled with disappointment of unmet evening dreams and of looking at social media friends extravagant evenings, don't worry, social media is a fake liar and "the best is yet to come". Oh Suzie.

Now look at 2014's best kisses...they are beautiful, heartbreaking and hilarious, just like NYE... (GREAT SEGWAY!)

What's your favorite of the nine? Favorite onscreen kiss of all time?

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