Thursday, February 26, 2015


-"Hey Katy?"
-"Oh hey guy!"
-"I just can't fight this question anymore, gurl I gotta know, how do you eat your quinoa granola?"
-"First off, thank you for your question Sir Charles. Now let me tell you about the holy grail of fresh, the acai bowl."
I have many, many favorite breakfast foods. This is one of them. You probably recognize it from pretty pictures that are posted all over tumblr and Instagram. I know I did. A desire deep down in my gut began to form, I wanted to eat all the textures and colors. Then, I went to Hawaii late last year and naturally was on a mission to give into my desire to try this magic frozen nectar of the surfers. Which I did, multiple times, even at the expense of a flat tire. 
LET ME TELL YOU, acai bowls are worth all the hype, it's breakfast ice cream! Fun fact, pretty sure I've heard acai hails from Brazil. This means two things to me, that a delicious food dish is enough to make me come to your country and eating these in Brazil has to be a spiritual experience.
Moving on, once I returned from Hawaii I had to figure out a way to make them for myself. Enter Costco. Costco carries frozen packs of acai berry from Sambazon because Costco, like love, never fails. Except for that one time they decided to stop making ice cream bars. 

After you have the acai potion you just blend it up with a (frozen)banana and apple or orange juice,or almond milk. I've tried all three, but not at once, because I'm a modern day woman. It blends to a thick smoothie which you top it with all the fruit and granola and chia seeds. Not as good as Hawaii but it'll get the job done. Also this is not a food blog. I just like to eat. 
Tune in next week when I post about another trendy food, avocado toast. Just kidding. I won't. I don't think.

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